Proctor and Gamble Closure Announcement

Statement from Unified Government Mayor/CEO David Alvey:

The Unified Government received notice from Proctor and Gamble on Tuesday evening that they will be ending production at their Kansas City, Kansas plant in mid-2020. They stated that this decision was based upon an internal study at Proctor and Gamble that sought to identify ways to align their production with their supply chain partners.

The Unified Government and the Wyandotte Economic Development Council were not invited, during any part of the Proctor and Gamble study, to assist them in developing solutions in Kansas City, Kansas. The plant has been in operation for 113 years and has provided quality employment to thousands.

We work diligently with our KCK businesses to make certain that we are a great place to do business. We would have done the same for Proctor and Gamble if they would have contacted us. We are encouraged by the fact that this plant is in an excellent location and there is strong demand for manufacturing space in KCK. Unemployment is at an all-time low, and we are a national destination for business growth and attraction.

Finally, we are committed to assisting every one of the 280 employees to find new quality jobs.