Donnelly Named Most Diverse College in Midwest

KANSAS CITY, Kan., September 13, 2017— U.S. News and World Report has announced that Donnelly College tops the list of the most ethnically diverse colleges in the Midwest. Full list can be found here.

Donnelly’s ranking is a reflection of its status as the region’s only federally-designated Minority-Serving Institution and Hispanic-Serving Institution.

“We are proud to receive this national recognition highlighting one of our strongest assets – our diverse student body,” said Donnelly President Monsignor Stuart Swetland. “Students come to Donnelly for many reasons – our affordability, our urban location, our nurturing campus environment, and especially our academic programs. However, decade after decade, students tell us that student diversity is often a top factor that helps them choose to attend and find success here.

“It is rare to find a college that has a majority of minority students, especially in this region. We know our students find comfort, security and confidence in that. As a Catholic College, we believe in the innate dignity and worth of each person, and that is something we strive to make tangible to our students each day in their campus experience.”

Donnelly students often note that difference. “I love the diversity at Donnelly,” one student said. “I feel 100% safe and accepted. I believe, above all, we feel equal here. In the classroom, I don’t feel any less because [of who I am].” More