Giving Second Chances to Senior Pets

Celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month with a new friend from the Humane Society of Missouri

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and the Humane Society of Missouri encourages everyone to consider an older pet when looking for a new addition to their family. Many people immediately think of puppies or kittens when looking for a pet; however, adopting an animal with a few years under its collar has many benefits. Here are five reasons to consider a senior pet:

  • Training made simple: Senior pets can be easier to train because they’re calm and have a longer attention span than younger animals. Plus, many senior pets have already been trained by previous owners before coming to a shelter.
  • Taking it slow: Older animals have the benefit of a laid-back exercise routine. They still require walks and playtime, but they generally require less activity than a younger, more energetic pet.
  • Hitting the snooze button: Puppies and kittens require a great deal of sleep for healthy development, and their nap patterns have no schedule. Older animals tend to relax when their owners do and are more amenable to a nice, long slumber during the night.
  • Love left to give: Some senior animals may come with a few scars, but they have a way of forgiving, forgetting and living in the now with their new fur-ever family. Adopting a senior pet gives them a second chance at life with a family who will love and appreciate them.
  • The perfect fit: The Humane Society of Missouri has many different types of senior pets available for adoption, even beyond dogs and cats. If a dog or cat isn’t the right senior pet for your family, consider adopting a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or even a bird. Adoption counselors at the Humane Society of Missouri can help you find your perfect new pet.